Lae De Haut
Lae De Haut

Room prices

Room 1 & 2

75 Euros per night 

Room 3,4 & 5

65 Euros per night

All above rooms have

en-suite facilities with a private terrace.

Includes continental breakfast and Tourist Tax


Starts at 325 Euros per week

ask for details

Birthday parties

Just another viewing point

BBQ area, catches the last of the evening sun

Meals here on not so warm evenings

Meals here when heating is required

Games room with


Beer stop

Top Barn Gite view from the garden

Undercover parking for 8 motorbikes

BMW western club

BBQ Night before the cycle race

Aramits Sportive, start and finish just 1 mile away from LaeHaut

Our nearest Col just 15 miles away


Aramits Fete

Top Barn gite

Top Barn entrance


4 pitches

Adults only

1 pitch, 1 tent

20 Euros per night for 2 persons

Gas cooker & gas BBQ available

Undercover seating

 20% off Brittany Ferries with 4 nights stay or more.

Example:: For a biker it will save enough to cover 2 nights stay with us